Replacement Parts

Ceiling fan replacement parts for Harbor Breeze Ceiling fans may be purchased at Commonly older model fans will use parts that are not available in the store. Contacting the manufacturer of Harbor Breeze fans is an option, but in my opinion you will have more luck looking elsewhere for those parts. I have checked Amazon, but they really don’t carry much for Harbor Breeze. Their are some generic parts that may work, but it’s tough to know by reading the descriptions. Unless of course you are looking for something simple such as adding a universal remote. If that is the case, then check out Amazon for something like this.
I have done a fair amount of research on remotes for ceiling fans and the above remote is one I would vouch for. Just a disclaimer, I do make a small percentage of the sale if you click on the link, but by no means feel obligate to click on it. If you are looking for more specific replacement parts, simply do a search to find sites similar to this one that are specifically dedicated to helping you find replacement parts for your ceiling fan.

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