Black Friday Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Deals At Lowes

UPDATE: I have checked out the Lowe’s Black Friday add that is posted around the internet, unfortunately I don’t see any Harbor Breeze fans listed as part of their blow out sales. However, the fans could still be discounted in the store, they just may not be door-busters.

Black Friday 2015 is just around the corner and there will be many shoppers looking for outstanding deals to save money this holiday season. Lowe’s has fantastic deals and you may be able to find a new Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan or replacement parts at steep discounts. Upcoming sales are typically posted a week or two before the actual big shopping day. will update information on Harbor Breeze Fan sales as Lowe’s puts out the information to the general public. If you have thought about upgrading a room in your home with a new ceiling fan/light combination, Black Friday Sales at Lowe’s could be just what the doctor ordered to keep extra money in wallet and put a sharp looking ceiling fan on your ceiling.

How Do I Fix The Light On My Ceiling Fan?

If you break the lamp shade on your ceiling fan, don’t panic! It can be fixed! All the time people fix ceiling fan lights, and the Harbor Breeze fans are no exception.

Replacement lamp shades will typically either simply pop into place or can be held with an easy clip or screw assembly. The big challenge, however, can be in finding the correct replacement shade. Certainly check with Lowe’s to see if they carry the replacement shade you are looking for. They may refer you to the manufacturer (Litex) or they may suggest a close option.

If Lowe’s is unable to help you, as they typically won’t have replacement shades for older modes, don’t fret, there are many websites around the internet that may have the exact shade you need to make your old beat up ceiling fan look brand new again.

A final solution may be to revamp all of the lamp shades on your ceiling fan. If one breaks, there is nothing saying that you can’t trash the other shades and give your fan a whole new look. Contact Lowe’s if this is the choice you make to ensure the lamp shades will work with the ceiling fan you have at home.

Another option to find a replacement on eBay. As we all know, eBay and other re-seller sites are great for finding parts to help you fix your fan. Try contacting people on these sites, or better yet try contacting the manufacturer to see if they have any spares, even after stopping production on a ceiling fan model. These manufacturers rarely completely sell out of spare parts, especially those that need to be replaced often, so this might be your best bet.

With a little digging you can usually find the parts you need. If you have any other ideas, or have had good luck with the ideas I’ve already mentioned, feel free to share them in the comments!

Habor Breeze Ceiling Fan Company

The company that make the Harbor Breeze ceiling fans is called Litex Industries. (Although the fans themselves can only be purchased through Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores.) Litex was founded in 1980 and has their headquarters in Texas. They specialize in electric housewares and fans. More specifically they manufacturer, import, and distribute ceiling fans and light fixtures to wholesale clubs, home centers (such as Lowe’s), and contractors. With annual revenue in excess of $90 million and over 100 employees, they are a very successful, growing business.

Litex is a cutting edge, innovative manufacturer. It is very common for manufacturers to not sell directly to the public as their specialty is simply in creating, designing, and distributing their products. They leave the sales up to the retail store. Litex is a pioneer in their field and focuses on creating ceiling fan and lights that meet the tastes of anyone looking to purchase a new ceiling fan. Whether the customer prefers a more modern appearance, a sleek look, extremely conservative, or timeless beauty their selection of fans will provide an option for all.

Many people will wonder who to call when they have problems with their fans. The common question is, how do I get in touch with the manufacturer? Litex lists their contact information and phone number is:

Litex Industries
3401 West Trinity Blvd.
Grand Prairie, TX 75050

However, if you have problems with your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan purchased from Lowe’s, try calling the Lowe’s support team first before you call Litex. The Lowe’s support team will be much more accommodating and helpful as this is what they specialize in. Their contact information is:

Lowe’s Customer Care: 1800-445-6937
Monday-Saturday, 7 AM-1 AM (ET) and Sunday, 10 AM-9 PM (ET)

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Replacement Parts Guide

Here is a short guide to help you DIYs (Do-it-yourselfers) replace parts on your Harbor Breeze Ceiling fan. In order to actually replace parts on your Harbor Breeze ceiling fans (or any other model, Hampton Bay, Hunter, etc.) you need to know the names of the various parts and what they do. Most ceiling fans are made up of a few main parts:

Mounting Brackets

The mounting bracket are what actually holds the ceiling fan to the ceiling with screws. These may need to be replaced for a variety of reasons, a few of which are typical wear-and-tear, bent or mis-shapen, or even because you just have the wrong size. Mounting brackets are one of the more easy-to-find parts out there.

In some cases, the mounting hardware is right on the base of the fan, in which case you’ll have to find the replacement for the base.

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The downrod connects the fan to the mounting bracket and comes in various lengths. Higher ceilings require longer downrods to provide more efficient airflow. There are no shortage of downrod replacements at places like Amazon and Lowes, so you should be able to find the exact color and length that you need.

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The canopy functions to basically cover up the mounting bracket and a portion of the downrod so that it looks nicer. This is more of a decorative item and can sometimes crack or have its color fade over time. Finding an exact replacement really depends on if the same fan model is still being made or not. If you can’t find an exact match, there are usually enough choices out there to get one that is close or at least matches the color or finish.


The fan motor, the brains of the operation, sits inside the decorative housing to be hidden from view. This makes for a nicer looking fan than if you had the motor and wires exposed.

Fan motor prices can really vary depending on what you need. Quieter and more efficient motors will cost you more than the inefficient ones. Finding an exact match to your old motor isn’t always necessary.

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The fan blades are there connected to the fan motor and attached with screws by blade holders. Blades can be purchased and replaced individually, which is great for when a single one breaks due to wear-and-tear or from striking something while it was spinning (which actually happens a lot!).

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Light Fixture

There is usually a light kit/light fixture with lamp shades and bulbs below the fan blades. This is optional, but many fans have them. Its best to try and find the same one you had as before, but its not required. As with the canopy, you’re more likely to find the same light fixture if the fan is still being made by the company.

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Speed switch and Reverse switch

Also attached to the decorative housing/motor, you will usually find the speed switch. Most fans can vary their speed to provide different levels of air flow. The more expensive the fan, the more speeds it will typically have. There is also usually a reverse switch attached to the fan motor as well to reverse the direction of air flow, which is useful in the colder months. Many different types of speed/reverse switches can be found online and usually work with many different models of fans.

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Remote Control

I didn’t mention the remote control, but this is also something many ceiling fans come with as well to allow for easier adjustment of fan speed, and to simply to turn the fan (and/or lights) on and off without using a wall switch or standing on a chair.

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Other Parts

  • Decorative housing
  • Yoke
  • Motor screws
  • Blade holder
  • Blade holder screws
  • Glass

These are all the basic parts of the ceiling fan. Now that you know the basic part names and what they do, if you want to order replacement parts their are many reputable vendors on the internet that will assist you. Most times the Home Depots and Lowe’s stores of the world don’t carry too many of the replacement parts.