Harbor Breeze Replacement Globes

Unfortunately one of the most common parts needed to be replaced is the globe, which may break for various reasons. These glass fixtures are fragile, so you need to be careful when doing the installation or maintenance. Although, sometimes an accident happens and you need to find a Harbor Breeze replacement globe.

Although I’m probably stating the obvious here, you need to be careful with these globes, they are usually really fragile so I wouldn’t recommend putting a nice one in a child’s room, or something like that. You’re just asking for trouble if you do. They are usually better suited in a main entry way or dining room.

There are a few places you can look to find these. The first place you should try is Lowes since they are the main source for HB products. If you can’t find one there, other hardware stores like Home Depot might be able to help since they have a large selection of globes and other light fixtures.

Some of the replacement globes you can find (for Harbor Breeze specifically) are:

White Round Frosted Globe

White Round Frosted Glass Shade

Round Frosted Globe

Round Frosted Glass Shade

Opal Frosted Globe

Opal Frosted Glass Shade

Opal Round Frosted Globe

Opal Round Frosted Glass Shade

Good luck finding the parts you need! For more information on replacement parts, check out this page. Also, we’ll be updating this site as we find more resources on parts, so keep checking back!

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