Habor Breeze Ceiling Fan Company

The company that make the Harbor Breeze ceiling fans is called Litex Industries. (Although the fans themselves can only be purchased through Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores.) Litex was founded in 1980 and has their headquarters in Texas. They specialize in electric housewares and fans. More specifically they manufacturer, import, and distribute ceiling fans and light fixtures to wholesale clubs, home centers (such as Lowe’s), and contractors. With annual revenue in excess of $90 million and over 100 employees, they are a very successful, growing business.

Litex is a cutting edge, innovative manufacturer. It is very common for manufacturers to not sell directly to the public as their specialty is simply in creating, designing, and distributing their products. They leave the sales up to the retail store. Litex is a pioneer in their field and focuses on creating ceiling fan and lights that meet the tastes of anyone looking to purchase a new ceiling fan. Whether the customer prefers a more modern appearance, a sleek look, extremely conservative, or timeless beauty their selection of fans will provide an option for all.

Many people will wonder who to call when they have problems with their fans. The common question is, how do I get in touch with the manufacturer? Litex lists their contact information and phone number is:

Litex Industries
3401 West Trinity Blvd.
Grand Prairie, TX 75050

However, if you have problems with your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan purchased from Lowe’s, try calling the Lowe’s support team first before you call Litex. The Lowe’s support team will be much more accommodating and helpful as this is what they specialize in. Their contact information is:

Lowe’s Customer Care: 1800-445-6937
Monday-Saturday, 7 AM-1 AM (ET) and Sunday, 10 AM-9 PM (ET)

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