How Do I Fix The Light On My Ceiling Fan?

If you break the lamp shade on your ceiling fan, don’t panic! It can be fixed! All the time people fix ceiling fan lights, and the Harbor Breeze fans are no exception.

Replacement lamp shades will typically either simply pop into place or can be held with an easy clip or screw assembly. The big challenge, however, can be in finding the correct replacement shade. Certainly check with Lowe’s to see if they carry the replacement shade you are looking for. They may refer you to the manufacturer (Litex) or they may suggest a close option.

If Lowe’s is unable to help you, as they typically won’t have replacement shades for older modes, don’t fret, there are many websites around the internet that may have the exact shade you need to make your old beat up ceiling fan look brand new again.

A final solution may be to revamp all of the lamp shades on your ceiling fan. If one breaks, there is nothing saying that you can’t trash the other shades and give your fan a whole new look. Contact Lowe’s if this is the choice you make to ensure the lamp shades will work with the ceiling fan you have at home.

Another option to find a replacement on eBay. As we all know, eBay and other re-seller sites are great for finding parts to help you fix your fan. Try contacting people on these sites, or better yet try contacting the manufacturer to see if they have any spares, even after stopping production on a ceiling fan model. These manufacturers rarely completely sell out of spare parts, especially those that need to be replaced often, so this might be your best bet.

With a little digging you can usually find the parts you need. If you have any other ideas, or have had good luck with the ideas I’ve already mentioned, feel free to share them in the comments!

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