Best Selling Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

The best selling, most reviewed Harbor Breeze ceiling fan according to the Lowes website is the:
Harbor Breeze 72-in Slinger Helicopter Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan. with Light Kit and Remote ENERGY STAR

The Best Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan!

The Best Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan!

With over 100 hundred different reviewers giving this ceiling fan an average rating of 4.9/5 stars this seems to be the ceiling fan to go with if you are looking for a Harbor Breeze fan to buy.

According to the Lowe’s website, this fan comes with:

  • DC motor 9 blade fan is super energy-efficient consuming less than 33 watts of energy on high
  • Remote control and light bulb included
  • Unique 72″ ceiling fan is perfect for your large space or for high ceilings
  • 6-speeds including reverse

Here is just one of many positive reviews about this fan:

I have five fans throughout the house… but this one is one of a kind. No other fan comes close to moving air like this one… absolutely none! I have been keeping the thermostat at 69 or 70 up until today. After a short run to the store, I walked into the house and thought I should turn the thermostat back up. What I didn’t realize was.. I had alread turned it back up. –Jarais

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